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Gifts from Nature

Herbs are gifts from nature and are part of many cultures. As documented, the Chinese have been using combinations of herbs to treat diseases for thousands of years. One of the ancient texts, Discussion of Cold Induced Disorders by Dr. Zhang Zhongjing (150-219 A.D.), is still been taught in the classrooms of oriental medicine institutions today. In numerous incidents in history, herbs have saved many lives from pandemic crisis. The principles and concepts of applying herbs for many diseases were developed continuously, and it has become a sophisticated system of knowledge. Today, in China, herbs are commonly used together with acupuncture to achieve better clinical results. The diseases tackled range from common cold to certain types of cancers. It is not uncommon to see practitioners choose to practice herbs only, as herbs are a truly powerful remedy.

Today, there are thousands of Chinese herbs documented with very extensive details in the Encyclopedia of Chinese Herbs. Among those, the most commonly used are about 300 herbs. A qualified herbalist is required to be very familiar with them. Through lengthy study and practice, the herbalist can optimally select and combine a handful of of herbs to achieve clinical effects.

In the US, herbal medicine has not been covered by insurance companies. It is more often used by those whose conditions can not be improved by other therapies and those who love the beauty of herbal medicines. In this clinic, we are committed to offering you quality herbs through reputable providers who are known to have strict screening processes. Herbs can be customized to tackle individual health problems with optimal results. We can certainly also use classic formulas whenever they fit.

There are forms of herbal formula people use today which include raw herbs, granules, tea pills, and topical liniments. Each form has its best use depending on the clinical applications and patient's life styles. Among those, decoction is believed to have the strongest effect, but it requires cooking preparation and some tolerance of its taste. Granules and tea pills are more common for patients looking for convenience. Tea pills are sometimes used specifically when we need the herbs to act slowly as it travels through the digestive tracks. Topical liniments are more common for conditions of skin, muscle, and tendon tissues. They are in general not for intake. 

Once a decision is reached to take herbs, we would need to have detail of your biomedicine subscriptions. It is important to avoid any unwanted interaction between the medicines. We would also like to see your closest blood work so we can understand your ability to digest the herbs. Our approach is "safety first", and we normally recommend a conservative dose to begin with. Our attitude about herbs is to see real improvements in the first to three treatments, we don't easily suggest long term use of the herbs unless absolutely safe and necessary.


Herbs can be a Great Solution for:

  • Those who were not responsive to acupuncture treatments, for example, severely deficient.
  • Those who were not responsive to antibiotics treatments.
  • Those who need to travel.
  • Those who respond best to herbs over any other therapies.
  • And, those who know well that herbs are a great way to maintain vitality!

Conditions Herbs can Treat:

  1. Common Cold, Stroke, Arthritis, Heartache, Hypochondriac Pain, Heartache, Stomachache, Heartburn, Back Pain.

  2. Pain in the Throat, Rhinitis, Earache, Eye Pain, Bleedings, Bone Pain.

  3. Coughing, Asthma, Palpitation, Anxiety, Insomnia, Forgetfulness, Dementia.

  4. Heatstroke, Fireheat, Diabetic, Wasting, Diarrhea, Constipation, Chronic Bladder Infection, IBS, IBD, Incontinence, Difficulty Urinating, Prolapsed Uterus.
  5. Irregular Menses, PMS, Heavy Periods, Absent Periods, Painful Periods.
  6. Skin Issues, Hives, Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis.
  7. And, other ailments.

Herbal treatments are powerful remedies people use commonly. We understand that there may be some concerns. We can help, please get in touch!