Tewksbury Family Acupuncture

New Patients


You're in great hands!

We make sure all our new patients feel welcome, safe, and taken care of. 


Please bring any relevant health information to the visit. This includes any records you have received from your doctors, such as X-ray/MRI statements, lab tests, blood work, etc., as well as a list of any questions or notes of things you would like to address during your visit.

Try to arrive a few minutes before your appointment to give yourself a chance to relax. Comfortable, loose clothing should be worn that can be pulled above the knees and elbows. Try to avoid the following before the appointment: 

  1. Eating a large meal within one hour

  2. Fasting for more than six hours

  3. Alcohol, tobacco, food or drinks that color your tongue

  4. Vigorous physical activities within the hour


Your first acupuncture appointment will begin with a consultation. Because Oriental Medicine takes a holistic approach to healing, it is important for me to understand how your condition fits into the larger picture of your overall well-being.

I will ask you to fill out a comprehensive intake form, which asks questions about your current state of health, past illnesses, and family history. After reviewing your intake form, I will discuss your condition, then examine your pulse and tongue, which are two of the basic diagnostic methods of Oriental Medicine.

I will then determine the acupuncture points that best address your needs. Though the number may vary, you can expect approximately 15 needles. Depending on the nature of the condition, you may be asked to lie comfortably for 20 minutes with the needles in place. Many people find acupuncture treatment deeply relaxing, and it is not uncommon for patients to fall asleep during this time.

Normally, first visit could run from one to one and half hours and the follow up from 45 minutes to an hour. If time permits, please fill out the New Patient Intake Form and bring it to us at your visit. 



Methods of Payment:

  • Cash, check